Onyx & Embers Branding


Onyx & Embers Logo Onyx & Embers offers hand-poured soy candles made with essential oils, adorned by energy-charged crystals. Each crystal is handpicked, charged under the moonlight, and placed on the surface of every candle to support affirmations, positive energy, meditation, and manifestation. When we developed the logo, we wanted to capture 3 [...]

Preformotion Flyer


Performotion Flyer Located in Brisbane’s inner-city suburb of Bowen Hills, Performotion is a fitness center for people looking to improve their physical performance. Working in collaboration with the team from Pop Media, this flyer was developed to promote an event that would help people with back issues learn to improve their squatting form. [...]

Sugo & Co Branding


Sugo & Co. Logo Sugo & Co is a home cooking and catering business all about providing restaurant-quality food in the comfort of your home. In 2020, the company's founder and head chef, Belle Strahan was unable to cook for customers due to the covid-19 pandemic. In response to this, she founded Sugo [...]

Reviews with Rich


Reviews with Rich Branding Reviews with Rich is a youtube channel that covers pop culture news, film and TV Reviews and action figure unboxings. When initially discussing the look for his channel, Rich wanted a style that would be striking on its own, but fit in with the subjects of his videos. The [...]

My Hero Activation


My Hero Activation The My Hero project was a part of the Victorian Youth Strategy created by HM. This Strategy was commissioned by the Victorian Government to engage with the Youth of Victoria through various marketing activations. HM approached this by prompting submissions from participants who were given an opportunity to submit stories [...]

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