Bottle Run Branding


Bottle Run Branding Bottle Run was an idea for a bottleshop that was aimed to appeal to a more trendy night-going crowd of people in their 20s. Unfortunately, the business never went beyond the planning stages, and the branding was never used. The logo sits on a dark background to capture a neon [...]

Pop Media Branding


Pop Media Branding Pop media is a Brisbane-based digital marketing agency working to deliver outstanding results for small and independent businesses. Originally titled 'Pop Social', the agency had specialised in social media support but wanted to update its brand to reflect the growing scope of services offered. Maddi Kimber, the founder and director [...]

Plant Patty


Plant Patty Branding Planet Earth's Favourite Burgers An idea that took seed a little while ago has now sprouted into PLANT PATTY! Plant Patty 100% plant-based burgers will appeal to everyone, whether you’re a hardcore vegan or experimenting with meat-free Mondays, you’ll come for the plant-based goodness, and stay for the flavour. [...]

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